Thursday, February 5, 2015

Salamander's Eyes Experiment

I have 5 Tiger Salamanders at my home (as some of you already know) and I had been noticing a pigment constantly changing in their eyes. During the day when I feed them, there eyes are a beautiful gold. But at night their eye color changes to a deep black. I started to test if anything other than color changed. Everything that I could think of, reaction to light, reflexes, and even recognizably of objects They showed the same results even though they were in the dark rather than in the light, in fact, if anything they were performing better in pitch black darkness. I have come to the conclusion that the eye color is much like a stop light is to a car in that the darkness causes lack of pigment which allows them to activate their night vision surprisingly fast.

Let me know if you think differently.
Alex Cox

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thank you for your Support!

When I first started out with the blog I didn't have a lot of viewers, I barely ever wanted to post anything and I only had 2 members. Thanks to all the support I have recieved I have grown to up to 100 members and I now have over 10,000 page views from my blog. Thank you for showing your support and I am sure to post more over the next summer. Continue to show your support and I hope you sincerely love viewing both blogs.

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You can comment on what I should name different amphibians and Reptiles that I observe down at my study area. I would greatly appreciate.

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Alex C