Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Almost Spring! Yay!

Finally the weather is clearing up and I am finally able to go outside with shorts on! With all this warm weather I have already seen many amphibians out. I can't wait to go "herping"(catching herps or amphibians and reptiles.) I like you to remember that if you go out herping then I STRONGLY recommend that you catch and release. With all the pollution in out water the amphibian population has been declining and one frog is technically a billion, with all the offspring it could produce in its lifetime. Be safe and have FUN!!!

Yeeeeeeha, summer here we come.

Challenge to those of you that have amphibians in your region:
Try and count and keep note of all your amphibian findings with the information and you can enter in the comment box for a chance to win a prize!!
Good Luck

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